Sunday, April 25, 2010

The last Mira RR section - Petal Fairy

I'm officially done with all the obligation stitching I took on in 2009. I really enjoyed stitching all the Mira RRs, but I'm also glad to be done and be able to focus on some other things. :)

Next up, a few more days on Angel of Summer. I've had some progress on her since I lasted posted, but she moves so slow I don't want to bore everyone with a new pic every time I work on her. I will update though after this next time as I think I've finally made enough progress to show. After I get in some good progress on her I've been itching to get back to Stone Roses. :)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Heritage Sampler progress

Not a ton of really visible progress on this one since my last post, but trust me it was a fair number of hours/time consuming. I did the grape viney border next to the over one letters on the right and then I did the eyelet border under the top band and the orange line under that. I think next time it will be unavoidable and I'll have to do some more over one lettering! There is a lot in this piece. I'm happy with how it is coming out though. :)