Saturday, July 31, 2010


I know its been awhile, but I've been in a bit of a stitching slump lately. I think I'm getting out of it now though- knock wood.

Anyway, here is a small finish - Katie has been bugging me to stitch this up for her since it came in the mail from Susan after I won a giveaway on her blog some months back. It was a quick and easy stitch and I just framed it myself with a standard 4x6 frame I had laying around in the craft room - probably from a yard sale!

Nothing fancy, but Katie really likes cats and she's tickled with it. :)

I'm getting really close to finishing my Angel of Summer, just a little bit of filling in on the flowers on the bottom of her dress and some beading left! Whew - I'll be glad when that one is done.

Now, I need some votes on what to start next when I finish Angel of Summer - these are my top choices:

Persian Floral - Teresa Wentzler - I want to put this in an end table inset for in my craft room.
Covenant Herbal Garden - Chatelaine - saw a WIP of this somewhere and fell in love with the detailed flowers on this piece.
Tablecloth - I have several small tablecloths made of 32ct linen that I'm dying to have done up so I can use them - would need suggestions on designs though - holiday themes would be good as I really only pull out a tablecloth for holidays - Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving.