Monday, December 27, 2010

A little inspiration

Inspiration by Rosewood Manor. Not a ton of progress, but I'm happy with how it is progressing. Because there are so many stops and starts this is one where you feel like you are running in place for ever and ever and then all the sudden you take a step back and Hey! there IS progress after all. :) I think I'll have that next moment when I finish filling in the leaves and flowers in the emptyish section. (Yes I'm making up words now, must be tired~)

I'm back to working on Alhambra Garden now, probably will work mostly on that until it is finished, which still might be another month or so. I am finishing the last of large triangles on the bottom now. I'm expecting the stitching to still take some time to finish and then all the beading in the center will definitely be time consuming too.

I got all the rest of threads for Covenant Herbal Garden for Christmas, so I have them soaking and bleeding out all the excess dye now. I decided to make this my new start for 2011 on New Year's Day even though I know I won't be done with Alhambra. My plan is to stitch on Alhambra til Jan. 1 - then stitch CHG through the New Year weekend and Monday (I have Monday off) so I get a good start on it. Then I'll go back to Alhambra until it is finished.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fourth Fountain Finished!

I finally finished all four fountains. The first seemed to take forever and I know I frogged and cursed a lot, the second wasn't too bad, and the third was fine. This one seemed to fly by - don't know why it seemed so hard at first. Anyway, all four are done now. I'm not going to make the end of the year, but it'll definitely be done in time for fair this year. :)

Oh, and Covenant's Herbal Garden is almost completely kitted - it will be started as soon as this one is finished. :)

Monday, December 06, 2010

Advent Wreath Ornament

This little beauty was designed by Belinda of Tor Rhuann Designs. It is a freebie on her page if you are interested. I changed out most of the supplies for what I had on hand.

The fabric is 32 ct Driftwood Zweigart Belfast. The floss is all DMC rayon - 33607 (purple) 30899 (rose) and 30501 (green). I used PB25 Treasure Braid and Swarovski Crystals for the flames. The beads are Mill Hill 00332 (green) and 00367 (red).

This is my first biscournu finish and I love that it is small and delicate. I've always found the biscouru interesting, but the larger size made me wonder what to do with it once finished. Having a small one was perfect for an ornament for the tree. I really love how it turned out - Thanks Belinda for a great design! :)

I orginally intended to give this to my sister because she was saying she couldn't find many Christmas decorations that celebrated Advent, but I think I've decided to keep it for myself! :)