Friday, September 24, 2010

Some more on Stone Roses

This is coming along quite nicely. :) Only one problem - I'm noticing that the white looks a little yellow or dirty in some spots. It doesn't show up in the picture as much as it does in real life, but you can kinda see it toward the bottom of the white section that is stitched. I always try to keep my hands really clean when I stitch, and I've never had this issue before when stitching large sections of white. :/ I might try and wash it, but I'm a little nervous that the silks will bleed, but at least they are not red. I think I'll wait to get a bit more done before I decide whether she really has to have a bath or not.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Goal Orientated Rotation

I have been working in a rotation for several years now, but always seemed to go by how much time I spent on a piece - not necessarily how many hours actually stitching, but one night, two nights, one week, etc. I think I've come to realize that it actually works better for me to do a goal-orientated rotation. When I pick up a piece I decide to stitch until I reach a certain point. I try to pick something that will take a week or less, but sometimes I don't get as much stitching time as I'd like, or it takes longer than I think, or the frogs visit or whatever. I still keep stitching until that goal is met. Very satisfying to stay on one thing until I meet the goal I think. You sort of get that satisfaction of being a "one-at-a-timer" but you still have the variety of the rotation.

This time my goal was to finish the second scene in Heritage Stitching Sampler by Victoria Sampler. I started with the white and metalic bargello and cross stitch band above it. The over one vine slowed my down a little bit, but not as much as I feared and I finished this one day earlier than I expected to - which almost never happens.

Anyway, I'm going to work on Katie's dance shoe bag tomorrow before going back to Alhambra Garden, which is my current focus piece.