Wednesday, February 25, 2009

House update

Well – the offer fell through. We are happy with our decision though, we came down as far as we could and well below what comps in our neighborhood are selling for. They wouldn’t budge at all. Their realtor told ours that they are backing away from the offer on our house and will begin looking again in a lower price range. The difference in our counter from their original offer would have only meant $40/month difference in their payment. If it was that close for them, it makes me worry the financing wouldn’t have held up anyway.

It would not have made sense for us to accept their original offer as it would not have given us the down payment we need for the next house. If the market is truly that low, then it makes the most sense for us to stay put…

So we are disappointed but feel we did the right thing. Our realtor has set another showing appointment with a different buyer for tomorrow btwn 6 and 7pm. So there is still interest, I keep coming back to if we are really overpriced no one would be scheduling showings. It was only 10 days ago that we had 4 showings in one weekend – all is not lost.

The silver lining: DH and I did really well through all of this – we didn’t argue or fight at all – we knew our game plan and where our bottom was and we played it just like we discussed we would and had no conflict between us at all. We didn't let our realtor push us into doing something we personally weren't comfortable with either (which she did try to do - she wanted that commission). I look back on our 14 yrs together and I have to smile and feel grateful at how far we’ve come and how our relationship has matured. What would have caused great stress and conflict a few years ago is playing out so smoothly now. I guess we’ve learned something over the years anyway.

Monday, February 23, 2009


OMG! We have an offer – the number is not where we need it to be, but I think it is close enough to meet in the middle somewhere…. My head is spinning and my concentration for the day is shot! More later… hoping to have an accepted offer sign in front of my house soon!

P.S. The offer is from the 1 out of 4 couples who did not complain about the slope!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm going to Celebration! :)

For those of you not familiar, here's the link.

Finally convinced the DH to agree to my going to one of these. Been wanting to do it for years. Not so much I needed his permission, rather I was looking for his blessing - after all I will be gone for a few days and he'll be on his own with the kids. Something I wouldn't really enjoy doing for him either. He has reluctantly agreed and I wasted no time sorting through a bunch of classes trying to decide what to take.

I had to eliminate anything that was on Wednesday because the very earliest I'll be able to arrive is late Wed night (Thurs by noon is more realistic). I'll also be leaving sometime on Sat. so anything late on Sat. or on Sun is also out. That at least helped me weed out the selection a bit.

Here are some I'm considering - help me decide - which ones do you like?

King James Needlecase
Pretty in Pink Etui and needlebook
Round Robins (I'm definitely doing at least one of these)
Mary Queen of Scotts sampler (nice description, but no pic)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Scratch that - DH IS my best friend!

Apparently 3 out of 4 home buying couples think our yard is too sloped. *sigh* The 4th couple saw that the house 2 doors down is for sale and wants to see that one before they make a decision. The other house is only 2 bdrms and has an even worse slope in their yard. So anyway, yeah, I'm so over trying to sell my house, and that isn't what this post is supposed to be about anyway!

Looky, Looky, I got roses for Valentines! And choccy too. YUM! The good kind. So the weekend wasn't a total loss. DH saves the day. :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

My realtor is my new best friend...

She called AGAIN last night at about 7pm to set up yet another showing for this weekend. This one is another couple for whom we've made their 2nd cut list. So for those of you keeping track, that is 4 total showings, 2 of which are 2nd showings...

It's getting really hard not to count chickens!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

House happenings

Cross your fingers for us – we have 3!, yes 3 showings for this weekend. Two on Sat. and one on Sunday. The best part is that the couple coming on Sunday already saw our house once (last night) and their realtor told ours that we are at the top of their list. They are revisiting their top 3 on Sunday and making a decision then.

I probably shouldn’t get too excited until I see an offer or what it is, but I don’t know if I can help myself. This isn't the first time I've been all excited about a prospective offer, only to have it not materialize...

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Alhambra Garden - half way there

Since I have two of the side triangles and two of the diagonal triangles and all of the center I'd say I can claim this is half way done, right? This time I did the diagonal triangle on the right, the foliage underneath and the purple bridge thing to the left of the foliage. I guess it is a bridge, I dunno - looks pretty anyway right? :) So I'm having a small half-way done with AG dance.

I had to put away all my 'big stitching stuff' - the stand for my charts, the lap stand, the boxes of threads that normally sit by my chair for a showing yesterday and for the open house tomorrow - so I'm just gonna stitch on small travel type projects for the next day or two. When I do pull out something big again I'm going to work on my Angel of Summer.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Seems everywhere I turn nowadays friends and collegues are telling me I need to be on Facebook. So I finally caved and created a page. If you know my real name (and considering the post below this one you should!) you can find me and friend me.

I took the opportunity to update my profile image here and put the new pic on my facebook profile. Hope to see some of my needlework friends there. :)

Not much stitching news to report - I'm working on Alhambra Garden, but progress is slow. I'll take a pic though in the next few days and post it before moving onto something else. Hmmm... probably Angel of Summer.