Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I finished ths small design on Katie's blanket this morning. It is called "Tulips" and is part of a small series called Pockets full of Love published in Cross Stitch Quick & Easy, March/April 1991. It was designed by Bette Ashley.

Not much else going on around here. I applied for another position at the company I interviewed with last spring. I had a second interview there and they seemed to indicate I was close to getting that position and were encouraging that I should apply again should another position open. So we'll see.

Thanks to all of you who were supportive about my family's weekend drama. I've heard from my mom that apologies have been made all around, so hopefully we'll get through the holidays okay. Of course mom was really calling to tell me sis apologized but to also complain some more about the whole incident and try to get me to be on 'her' side which I tried hard not to do without ofending her. Like walking a minefield, which is really part of the original problem in the first place. She can be really easy to offend, and I often wonder if she isn't trying to start things just to get attention. Ah, but I digress. I ended up agreeing with her more than I really wanted to - just to keep the peace.

In some good news - I'm going to be finishing up Cottage Garden Fairy! :) I just have a bit of blue on the bottom left to cross stitch and then all the beading. It'll probably take more than the three days I ususally spend on each project in my rotation, but I'll definitely be into the beading by day 3, and once I start the beading, I just keep going til it is done. So watch this space for a happy dance. :)


Jill in CA said...

Your tulips look great! I'm sorry about the family drama; there is always a lot of that in my family also.

Congrats on being so close to finishing CGF!! I finished mine earlier this year. I converted the beads to delicas since I used a 32 count hand-dyed; if you're using 32 count you may have trouble getting them to fit. I have enough of the delicas left if you want them; just let me know. :) I can't wait to see your finished pic! Oh yeah, and good luck with the interview.

bunnyhead said...

You know I'm watching for your happy dance! I don't think I'll be too far behind you with mine. I can't wait!