Friday, August 11, 2006

Whew! I'm back.

Don't know what the issue was with my blog being blank for a few days there, but posting the testing message seemed to bring me back. Thank goodness!

Stitching wise I've managed to get my Just Nan RR ready to send out in October - still have to do the Sweetheart Tree prep work though for that RR. I also put in a few days on my Angel of Summer and now I'm doing a bit on my Hardanger Table runner. I'll try to post pics of some or all of these soon.

Work has been busy lately, and I've been using some of my free time to continue planning for our Disney trip. I've pretty much decided we will be going April 28 - May 06, 2007. Yes, I know, lots of time, so why am I stressing now? I plan, its what I do. It's also lots of fun to think about and plan for all those fun things we're going to do - much more fun than say working! This has also put a big dent in my stitching time, so I'll have to remedy that part!

Now, to go catch up on some of your blogs!


Erin said...

Is this a hint, since I have yet to respond to your last email? LOL I'll get to it, I promise, hopefully this weekend. And sometimes when your blog is being silly like that, all you need to do is republish, which might be why the test post worked. Sorry you were having trouble!

Mel in Dubai said...

Yay! Welcome back, Jenn!

We had a great time at Disneyland but I left all the trip planning up to DH - that's his thing :)

Cat said...

Glad to see your blog back up! :D