Sunday, October 01, 2006

Headless No More!

I've been stitching on my mermaid. :) She is on 40ct Tropical Breeze from Silkweaver, and I like how she is coming out so much more now that she has a head. I have such trouble liking a piece before it has a "face" or focal point sometimes.

The next few days I'll probably spend stitching on Wendy's Foldable Book for one of my Round Robins, and then soon after that the Sweetheart Tree and Just Nan RRs will be arriving and I'll do those. Then I have to do another square on the blanket I'm doing for Katie. I hate working on that project, by the way, but it is one of those things I HAVE to do since I did one for every other baby in our family. *sigh* Ah well, if I keep pounding out a square every now and then I have to finish sometime right?

At the risk of being flamed, I'm going to share how my morning went. Katie behaved just terribly in church. Which is to say that she was only slightly more ill-behaved than usual. :( I see all these mothers and kids about her age around me that seem to sit quietly and politely without a peep, and I wonder what I must be doing wrong... Katie has no concept of talking quietly, she wants to run in the aisle or slide down the pew into the family next to us, neither of which has she EVER been allowed to do even once. I always thought children who behaved like this had no discipline at home or their parents didn't do anything the first time, or second time, or third time, so the kid kept pushing the limit. I usually end up taking her out of mass 2 and 3 times for a stern talking to after which she agrees to be good and then procedes to act as before. Rinse and Repeat. Today when I took her out I was so fed up that I spanked her. I'm not against spanking when it is really warrented and I felt it was. She slapped and bit me in church because I pulled her back before she could run into the aisle. I took her right outside and gave her one quick swat on the backside. Once she calmed down from the swatting, I took her back in where she was better, but still not really what I'd call good. Maybe I should be swatting more and talking less, which is what my instinct is telling me to do. Course it doesn't help that I'm worried if I talk too sternly to her someone will think I'm a terrible mother or worse - report me to social services. Sometimes talking works, and I always try that first, but sometimes it just doesn't. All I know right now is that no matter what I do, I feel terrible. I cannot take that child anywhere without leaving in disgrace.


Stitchie Kiwi said...

((hugs)) Jen - don't blame yourself, some children are just like that! I had my reality check with no.5 (Miss Charlotte) - I had four very placid, very easy to discipine children before that, and like you, thought that the "other" children I saw just lacked discipline. Boy did I learn I was wrong! What I have learnt is not to judge and feel guilty that I did, AND that children, just like us, have very different personalities and we were just very lucky that we had four in a row who were reasonably easy (not always, but mostly). I am glad to say though, that while still more stubborn, still more demanding - mostly Charlotte is pretty good now :) (still can't sit through a whole movie and things like that ... but mostly much easier ;)).

((hugs)) ~Lisa

Lelia said...

I like your mermaid [better with the head lol]. Have fun with all your projects this week

As for parenthood, hang in there Jen. The only irritating parents are those that do NOTHING. Just do your best. That is the ticket.

M said...

Ah, ruminations of childhood ... I was a bad child. Truth. Horrible. Nothing my parents did could control me. Except ... figuring out what was the one thing I really, REALLY liked and taking it away from me. Spanking didn't work. Eventually I grew out of it, but I don't envy my parents at all.

There was an underlying reason to the way I acted. My parents could never figure out what it was.
I wish you luck. I was evil. eesh.

Other than THAT ... thank you for the comment. You're always full of nice. I'm just glad you share. :o)

Dede said...

My little ones were also incapable of sitting still, particularly my youngest, so I feel your pain. I agree with Lelia, parents who do nothing when the child is misbehaving are the annoying ones. Those who take action and try to teach their children appropriate behavior are doing their job, and that's really all you can do. I can't tell you how many times I wish I could have tied my daughter to her chair!

bunnyhead said...

First your mermaid looks great!

My children would never sit still for anything at that age. I would be the parent that bribes the kids to be good. If I know they have to sit still for awhile (like a long car trip or waiting in a restaraunt) I pack a small bag of little toys, books and crayons and they are allowed to have them so long as they are good. And then if they behave they get to have ice cream. Believe me, we have left many times without ice cream!

Lana said...

Your mermaid looks beautiful!

Michelle said...

Your mermaid looks great! Big hugs for what you're going through with Katie!