Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New hat and Halloween pics

A friend at work was kind enough to knit this new hat for Katie. :) She really liked it and wore it around the house for the rest of the evening! Silly girl.

I meant to post this Halloween pic earlier in the week, but blogger was giving me issues. Here is a pic of Katie as Dorothy and Alex as a pirate.

Not much else going on right now. I spent last weekend really trying hard on the potty training with Katie, but I'm starting to think that is just going nowhere and despite the fact that she has been peeing on the potty since she was 16 months - she will never, ever be fully trained. She will generally cooperate and go if I can get her to sit on the potty, but she just never tells me when she has to go. I had her in underwear all weekend and we didn't have too many accidents, but it was mostly cause I was the one trained. I was taking her often enough to keep her dry, but if I slacked a bit she wouldn't tell me and then she'd wet herself. *sigh*

I guess I'm just going to keep at it, trying to encourage her to tell me when she has to go - I'm hoping that getting wet will start to be a bit unpleasant for her and motivate her to tell me when she has to go. If anyone has any tips - I'm all ears!


Belinda said...

Hang in there...she will eventually get it. I was at the same point with my DD, where I thought she'd *never* be fully trained, but one day it just finally clicked. Don't know why, it just did.

bunnyhead said...

There really is just a day of enlightenment with the kids where they just suddenly 'get it'. All of my girls were older than 3. My mom used a big jar of M&Ms to motivate me (if you visit the pot, you get a couple M&Ms). I tried bribing mine, but it really happened overnight where they just wanted to use it.

Mel in Dubai said...

Such a cute little hat for such a cute little girl :)