Thursday, December 07, 2006

Katie - Silly Girl

Conversation #1
Katie: “Mama, I play boys and girls today.”
Me: “You did, that sounds like fun. What did you do?”
Katie: “We play boys and girls!”
Me: “Katie is a girl, and Alex is a boy.”
Katie: “No mama, I’m a Princess!”

Conversation #2
Katie is pretending to talk on the phone holding her hand to her ear – meanwhile I’m trying to get her to go potty and change into her pajamas for bed.
Katie (into the “phone”): “Yeah, put my jammies on, take my shirt off.”
Me: “Sit on the potty and try to go pee pee.”
Katie: “Shhh, Mama! I’m on the phone.” Exasperated sigh
Me: “You are? Who are you talking to?”
Katie (sounding even more exasperated): “Mama, its my hand!”


Susan said...

How cute!!

Lana said...

Kids say the darndest things! I love your ornaments!