Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The 3 Yr Old Room!

Katie has been potty-trained all day at daycare now since the beginning of February. Right around that time I was surprised to find Katie in the 3 year old room at her daycare when I picked her up one day. The teacher in that room informed me that they would be transitioning her into that room over the next two weeks. I did a bit of a double take cause Katie's birthday isn't until the END of MAY. I was sort of concerned because on Feb. 1 she was almost a full four months shy of the start of the age range for that room. So I went to her usual 2 year old room and talked to one of her usual teachers in there. Unfortunately the lead teacher was subbing for the school age kids that day and I didn't get to talk with her, but I did talk to her asst. teacher and they again reiterated about her transitioning spending more and more time in the 3 yr old room over the next two weeks. I told them, like I told the other teacher that she was almost 4 months too young, but she didn't seem phased by that. They just kept saying since she was potty-trained, and they had the spot open, it would be cheaper for us, etc. I was concerned, big time, cause she is really comfortable with the teacher she has now, and lets face it - that is a GOOD thing to have. (a daycare provider you really trust!) Also, would being with a bunch of kids that are ahead of her developmentally and socially intimidate her?

Well, I got home that day feeling really awful about it, and the lead teacher had heard that the others told me and that I was concerned and she called me at home. She reassured me that it was totally up to me whether to move her or not, that she understood my concerns and that it is fine if I want to wait. (I really like her!) We decided to revisit the question in the first part of April. Since this I've noticed that at least 3 of the kids in her current room are older than she is - one turned three in early Feb. and two are due to turn 3 at the end of March. Sooo I probably won't be able to move her in early April anyway cause these three might be moving - except that they still aren't potty-trained which is a requirement for the 3-yr old room and seems to be the big reason they are pushing Katie. I dunno where I'm goinig with all of this except that it has been rolling around in my brain what I want to do about it.

I don't want to be a total PITA and insist she have her birthday before she moves to the new room, but we pay our bill every week on time and she really loves her current room and teacher. She has gained so much confidence in there. I've met the 3 yr old teacher and she seems nice too, so it isn't that I don't trust her - I'm just not sure Katie is ready to be with a bunch of older kids just yet. A month or two age difference now is a much bigger deal than it will be in a few years. And no one seems to be putting any pressure on the other families to hurry up and get their kids trained so they can be the ones to move up. Not so much that I want anyone else's kid to be pressured, but geesh they are way older than Katie - shy should she suffer just cause she potty-trained earlier than they did.

On the other hand, maybe the stimulation of all the early preschool stuff they do in that room will be good for her too. *sigh* I don't know.

In stitching news, here is a pic of the latest afghan squares I completed. I'll be finishing up the stitching on Deepest Love for the Mira RR for the next few days and I'll post a pic of that next time probably. :)


Jamie said...

Oh Jenn... I'm sure Katie will do great where ever you put her. Right now do what makes YOU most comfortable. I worked in a day care as an assistant teacher for about 5 years, the last year w/ old 2 year olds and young 3 year olds.

If it makes you feel any better I think you are making a good decision giving her extra time to meet the new teachers and kids.

Susan said...

I don't have any advice, but I know that my son's "friends" were incentive for him to get potty trained. He couldn't move to the 3 year old room until he was potty trained, and his 2 best friends moved up before him, so almost overnight, he was potty trained. He moved up before he was 3 years old.

Does your daughter have any friends in the class as yet? I'm amazed at the strength of the friendships my son developed in daycare.

Good luck with whatever decision you make.