Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Silkwood Manor

Yikes, I've been so busy at work lately that I haven't felt much like being on the computer to blog lately. I usually make time to check the boards and email, but then I want to stitch in the remainder of my free time!

Anyway, the new rotation is working out really well and I love being able to get in a little progress on all my pieces each week. Here is Silkwood Manor. Yes, I know there are still smudges on the pic - apparently there is actually something wrong with the lens - it is not just dirty. Guess that is what I get for buying a cheap camera off ebay - you get what you pay for - sigh. It'll have to do for now though, and I think you get the idea.


cathymk said...

Lovely work so far Jenn. Very pretty.

ollie1976 said...

It looks great.

Kathy said...

Very nice work. I tried this rotation business but am having a hard time sticking to it. I admire your fortitude.