Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mother's Tree Progress

Just thought I'd post a progress pic for Mother's Tree - it still isn't much, but at least I have the outline of the upper part of the tree done - just endless fill in work to do before moving onto the trunk. I enjoy stitching on it for one night a week though - it's a good piece for stitching during movies since there aren't any color changes and all the difficult counting is already done.

Right now I'm stitching on another Mira section for the Round Robin, so that will probably be the next post. I also got word recently that the last piece for the Sweetheart Tree RR is now on its way to me, so I'll finish that up once I'm done with the Mira RR section before going back to the rotation.


Michelle said...

Great start! I'd love to stitch this one someday!

sugardoll said...

I have seen a finish of this at the 123 mb! Wow! This is going to be amazing!

By the way, I got so caught up with things at home, I received the charts today, Thank you so much! I can't remember if i have e-mailed you about it or not. I'm sorry if i forgot.

Have a lovely evening =)

Kathy A. said...

nice work Jenn. Glad to hear the missing Sweetheart Tree pieces are finally finishing their rounds.