Sunday, October 07, 2007

Alhambra Garden progress

Here is an updated progress pic for Alhambra Garden. I know it isn't a ton more since my last photo, but I did complete a diagonal corner, which I've decided is my favorite part of this design, and it went quick too! :)

I also took advantage of some unexpected free time on Friday afternoon and finished off my first ever Halloween design into my first ever flatfold. It turned out okay, and looks pretty good in the photo, but a closer examination would reveal some finishing blunders. Looks good enough to have up for the month of October though, and I since this was my first flatfold I knew the finishing probably wouldn't be the greatest. I'll do better on the next one having had the practice now. :)


Kathy A. said...

Great job on your first flatfold. I have become a real fan of this idea after doing one. I love the "Girls Night Out"

ollie1976 said...

both look great!

sugardoll said...

Wow! The AG is so fabulous looking!!!

loretta said...

They both look great :) Flatfolds are definitely a cute holiday decoration finishing option, especially they store away easily for next year.