Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A few WIP pics

I finished a rotation on Mother's Tree, and unfortunately I'm not really feeling like it was a lot of progress. The tree just seems endless right now. I worked on filling in the left side. I thought about trying to work on some of the names for a bit to break up the monotony, but I was too afraid to try to count out that far. I just know I'd mess it up. Maybe next time I'll at least do the trunk of the tree so that I'm closer to where the names will go and I can start them before finishing all of that dang ole tree. :)

Since I had the camera out to take the pic of Mother's Tree, I went ahead and took a quick progress pic of Silkwood Manor too. Mother's Tree is on 36ct Peaceful Waters Endinbourgh from Silkweaver, stitched with Dinky Dyes Evergreen? silk floss. Silkwood Manor is on 28ct Joblean, I forget the color name, but it is a light blue if you cannot tell from the pic.


Kathy A. said...

Jen your stitching is beautiful as always. I so love your Miribilias. Sorry that things are not going well with DH. There are so many glib lines out there - just do what makes your heart sing.

sewcreative said...

Hugs from me.

That tree does look a bit daunting. Have you thought about stopping where you are and gridding some so you could switch back and forth without worrying over miscounting?

Missy Ann said...

Terri's advise about gridding is good, even if you do finish the tree before starting the names.

And sorry you had to find out for yourself but that tree... it is endless.

Melissa said...

If we put your MT with my MT, we still wouldn't have a finished project. LOL

sugardoll said...

I hear ya on how 'something' can seem so endless. I am working on PR OUAT, and I am complaining on those flowers as well. It's killing me!!! ugh!! However, you are making great progress and you can already see the crown of the tree.

The silkwood manor is a cute wip going as well. Beautiful stitching!

Michelle said...

Love both of your WIPs - they're beautiful. I really want to stitch Mother's Tree too.