Friday, June 06, 2008

A new kitchen sink!

I know this isn't a big deal to anyone but me, but I'm so excited about my new kitchen sink! This old stainless steel sink you see in the first picture has been a thorn in my side since we bought this house. The sink just looked cheap and junky to begin with and on top of that whoever installed it did a crappy job and didn't seal the drain basket on the right side properly. The water would pool around the seam and if you weren't careful to rinse and dry it constantly some really stinky black mold would begin to grow. I was forever after Sean and Alex to not leave any dishes in that side because it would cause mold to grow faster - seriously yucky. I put up with that since late 2001! I don't know why we didn't replace it right away, just always something else to put the money into I guess.

Since we are now thinking of selling our house, we're finally getting around to all those random household maintenance projects, and this was definitely on the list. I bought this sink from Home Depot online, the faucet set from the actual Home Depot brick and mortar and called a local handyman to come install for us. Part of what took us so long (besides some admitted laziness) was we weren't sure how to get someone to install it for us and we were too nervous to attempt putting it in ourselves. I should say Sean was too nervous - I generally try to do stuff myself when I can, and this didn't look too complicated, so I was game to try. I think Sean had visions of water spraying everywhere and us not having the know-how to turn it off. I knew that while I could probably figure out how to turn the water on/off and glue in a sink and connect it back up to the water lines and drainage pipes, it would probably take way more effort and stress than I wanted to put forth.

In the end it was good I called a handyman because the drainage system had old PVC and when he tried to connect it back together, one of the plastic rings broke. That wouldn't have been so bad - buy a new one right? But the new one was the same size and the threads still didn't match up correctly. Sooo he had to rip out the connecting PVC and replace with new. That would have been too much for me I think, although I might have been able to flounder through it would have been very stressful and I'm glad someone who knew what they were doing had the experience rather than me!

Anyway, here is the new sink all installed - icing on the cake is that the hoses for the dishwasher and aerator also got cleaned out (since we were taking apart anyway) and now there is no more leaking down from the air gap into the sink (see white calcium deposits from our hard water on the gap in the first pic) and that won't mess up my new brushed nickel finish on my new faucet.

The new sink is acrylic which looks like ceramic tile, but is more durable. This is probably too nice for the rest of the house - but was really only about $100 more than having another stainless one put in (the whole thing material and labor was still less than $500). We wanted something really nice to show off our big, but otherwise unremarkable kitchen for potential buyers.

The new sink is deeper than the old one too! The old one was only about 7 inches deep! This is 9 inches. Also the new faucet is an arced one, so I can get my big chilli pot under the faucet now with no problem. I told DH that if we build we are putting this sink in our new house too! :)


Anonymous said...

I love it! A nice sink can really change the look of your kitchen! Congrats on getting it done!

Susan said...

It's a lovely sink. My in-laws are just getting ready to sell their house, too, and they wanted to revamp the kitchen. They got their cabinets re-painted, rather than replaced, but they did replace their sink. It's amazing what a difference a small outlay of cash can do to a kitchen!

Lisha said...

Your sink is beautiful. I felt the same way when I got my new deep sink and tall faucet. Enjoy.