Monday, April 20, 2009

Mira RR frames WIP

Well it isn't finished yet, but here is my progress on my layout for the Mirabilia RR. We are going with a smaller design size for each participant this time, so my sections are smaller. The plan is for each person to stitch something in one of the rectangular shapes or do two of the smaller squares. The fabric looks a bit more molted in this pic than in real life - it is 32ct Dreamin' Joblean by Silkweaver. When I'm done stitching in the frames the finished piece will be as wide and as tall as it is now - just fillin in the top left corner to do.

I had about all I could take for the next while of just stitching squares and rectangles so I'm putting this aside for a few days to work some on Heritage Sampler. I'll be back to this when I've had my fill of that.

Oh, I almost forgot. We have a verbal acceptance from the bank on the short sale (#2 below) house. Nothing in writing yet - which of course makes me all sorts of nervous, but that's where we are at.


Missy Ann said...

That layout if so freakin' cool!!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed for the house.

Holly said...

Very cool! Its going to be fabulous!

Melissa C. said...

Yay, another RR for me to plot to steal! :D