Sunday, July 26, 2009


I managed to finish Katie's silver curtains, the Jack n Jill design for the afghan and mulching the front garden. Still haven't settled on a paint color for the bedroom, but whatever, I'll get to it when I get to it I guess.

Katie was pretty happy with her silver valance and I was happy I talked her into this in lieu of the silver walls she really wanted.
In other news, I won a prize on Susan' s blog for showing a pic of my "to-be" craft room. Look at all the awesome stuff she sent. Thank you Susan!! :)


Missy Ann said...

The valance looks great! And it is such a cute picture Katie. I just had a psychic flash of her getting her picture taken there in her wedding dress.

That is such a nice give away from Susan. She's so nice and I'm not just saying that because I invited her to my house and I'm trying to score a nice hostess gift. lol

Susan said...

Katie looks so happy in her new room!

I'm glad you liked the charts etc. LOL at Missy Ann's comment :)

Erin said...

I think that was a great compromise! That window must be huge, though. She looks so small sitting there.

Wanda said...

The valance looks wonderful! And Katie looks like a beautiful little china doll sitting there on her big window ledge! So pretty! The afgan is coming along and this small finish is inspirational

Cheryl said...

Katie and her silver valance look quite happy together. Good job, Mom! Congrats on finishing Jack and Jill. I know it is a load off your mind.

And, OMG the give away from Susan! You certainly scored. How generous of Susan.