Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mira RR - Poppy

Finished putting the beads on this one on Saturday. Next up I'll be working on another nursery ryhme block for the baby afghan. This one was a quick and fun stitch.

Also on Saturday we did what we've been doing for several Saturday's in a row now - we went to one of Alex's cross country meets. He's been doing so great and improving his time so much, we are just bursting with pride for him. Last week he took 30 seconds off his best time, and this week another 1 min and 20 seconds more. It is really building his confidence to finally feel he fits on a team and can do well. He's tried other sports before and just never felt like he was close enough in skill level to the other kids to try out for a team. With cross country he is still a middle of the pack finisher - but he is moving up and feeling good and so are we. :)

Alex is third from the right in this picture. :)


Missy Ann said...

Yeah, so I almost knocked my drink over I was so excited when I saw my RR. Thank you x1000. It is looking fabulous!!!

Good for Alex. My ds isn't much of a team sport kind of kid, his fit was fencing. I'm glad you ds found his fit.

Kathy A. said...

What a great addition to Melissa's RR. Lovely work!!!
Glad your Alex has found his niche. It is hard for them sometimes till they find that right fit.