Saturday, November 28, 2009

Heirloom Stitching Sampler progress

I took advantage of finally having some down time this weekend and pulled out this from the WIP pile. :) Just couldn't work on the afghan when I was feeling so blissfully lazy I guess. :)

I did the three small bands under the scene and then the over-one letters and the band beneath them this time. Fun to work on but I think I'll put it away now and get back to the afghan - Wendy is due January 10. I think I'm likely shooting for the Baptism at this rate but I still have to keep plugging if I want to make that.

In other news I think DH and I have finally settled on a carpet for the basement. We ended up going with Home Depot even though we thought we wouldn't use them again because they are a big PITA. But their price is almost 2k less than the others so I guess we'll put up with it. I plan to post pics of the basement once the carpet is in - which I'm hoping will be before Christmas.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and a good Black Friday. I skipped going out for the sales this year, but did manage to score a PS3 bundle from Walmart online at 3am when they went on sale. Setting the alarm, turning the computer on 15 min. before the sale, and going back to bed 20 min. later was so much better than actually having to leave the house and fight the crowds. I might never actually leave again to try to shop the Black Friday deals. :)


Blu said...

Your sampler looks lovely.
LOL at the getting up, getting the deal, and falling back asleep!

Missy Ann said...

Congrats on the PS3. I've been a shopping fool online the past couple of days. I'm just about done! I love it.

Heirloom is looking very very pretty. And an over one band should count for triple IMHO.

Susan said...

Your Heirloom Sampler is looking beautiful, Jenny.

Congrats on getting the PS3 bundle!

I can't wait to see pictures of your finished basement.

Kathy A. said...

That is a beautiful sampler girl and you are making great progress.
I wish I had thought of online shopping like that. I missed my great deal!

Wanda said...

beautiful stitching. The color combo is very soothing. I used to shop practically ONLY online (for things other than groceries etc.) I miss it. Now I just don't shop anymore! That works out too.