Friday, May 19, 2006

Pink Eye!

I picked Katie up from daycare yesterday only to discover that they were about to call me to come and get her. She has pink eye, which has been going around in her room at daycare. So I called her ped. who called in a RX for some eyedrops to the pharmacy. We are home today as she has to be on the drops for 24 hours before she can return to daycare. I'm sort of glad - I really needed a day off and there wasn't anything pressing going on at work, so the timing was good. This is my first week day not working since I started back to work on Feb 6.

It feels good to be home doing our old routine. Katie is in pretty good spirits despite the pink eye and the nasty cold she has on top of it. We even took a walk and visited a few rummage sales this morning. I found several sesame street picture books for 50 cents each! She is really having fun paging through those and pretending to read them. :) The only real problem I'm having is getting the darn drops in her eyes - anyone have any tips on how to get a screaming, struggling toddler to hold still so I can drop her medicine in her eyes - please share! We also had a pretty miserable night last night as she didn't sleep well, more from congestion I think rather than her eyes. I spent between 2:30 and 4am trying to get her to go back to sleep. She would fall asleep in my arms and thenwhen I tried to put her back in bed she would cry and cry til I came back. Very exhausting. She did sleep in a bit this morning to compensate though.

Well, I'm going to try and capitalize on my time off and get in a bit of extra stitching time!!


Jill in CA said...

(((Jenny))) Been there with the screaming toddler and pink eye/eye drops. Luke had it 4 times one year and I got it one of those times. It was awful. :( Sorry you "got beat" on that job placement but just try to remember that you wouldn't really have wanted it if you weren't up against this other person and you'll have something better come along, I just know it!

Sarah said...

We all had pink eye in our house last year and again just recently. I can really sympathize with the kids and the drops because for the first few days they really HURT!!

My Dr. suggested that I sit on the couch/chair, have the kids sit on the floor in front of me with their backs to the couch and their heads tilted back. Instead of trying to "drop" the drops in eyes while holding open the eyelid, have them close their eyes, put the drop in depression in the corner of the eyes (the side near the nose) and let the drop seep in from there. It requires them to sit still for awhile which might be harder in some cases but I did this with the first few days of my eye drops since they were so uncomfortable. It was a lot better.

Hope she is feeling better and that you guys don't get it because it's not fun at all!