Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sick Sick Sick!

Ugh, as I mentioned in a recent entry, Katie had pink eye - well that is cleared up, but she also had a nasty cold along with the pink eye. In fact, when we visited the doctor on Monday because she was still battling a fever and the cold was showing no signs of getting better, he said she likely didn't catch the pink eye from daycare. More likely, it was another symptom of the terrible cold she had, which was causing a sinus infection which had likely seeped into her eyes and caused the pink eye. *sigh* So he put her on an antibiotic for the sinus infection and sent us on our way. She was well enough to return to daycare on Tues (yesterday).

In the meantime, everyone else in our family has caught this terrible cold. It is totally kicking my @ss! I've been sick since Saturday. I missed work on Friday to take care of Katie, on Monday because I was sick and still caring for Katie and taking her to the doctor. Yesterday and today I'm back at work even though I probably really shouldn't be because I just cannot afford all the sick days. DH who is almost never sick is totally laid out as well, he has also been sick since Saturday and after trying to tough it out Monday and Tuesday is staying home today. He actually seems to be getting worse instead of better as time goes on and might have to go to the doctor like Katie did if he doesn't get better soon. He doesn't have any sick time built up at all at his job until he has been there for 6 months (not until August) so he's been reluctant to take time off as he already took off one sick day about a month ago with another bug Katie brought home from daycare. Any days he takes off come directly out of his pay and his boss gives him a hard time about taking days he hasn't "earned" yet.

Alex, who was so far dodging this illness, turned up sick as a dog yesterday afternoon. I picked him up from school and he just looked so miserable. I asked him why he didn't call me at work to come and get him and he said, "I know you had to miss work for Katie, and I didn't want your boss to get mad at you for having to leave again." Knife in the heart there. I told him he could always call and not to worry about stuff like that - my boss would have to understand if my kids were sick. Besides, my boss probably would have understood - its obvious that I'm still a bit under the whether and he has kids too. I don't think I have said anything contrary to that in front of Alex - so I don't know where he got that idea. So he is home sick today with dad. Katie has pretty much made a full recovery now and is at daycare blissfully playing dolly or something. :) I'm trying to lay low in my cube and wash my hands a billion times to avoid spreading germs.

Cross your fingers that this is our last illness for awhile!


Mel in Dubai said...

So sorry to hear you are all sick, Jen. I can sympathise as I've been hit by a bug too. Hope you are all feeling better soon.

Erin said...

Well that stinks! I am so sorry to hear you are all so ill. Hope you all start feeling much better very soon, preferably without doctor visits. {{hugs}}

Sarah said...

{{hugs}} I hope you are all feeling better soon!