Friday, February 16, 2007

6th Grade Basketball!

Since this is what has been eating a lot of my stitching time lately, I thought I'd post a pic. :) I was never much into sports, and hate sitting through Seans sports. For the most part, it makes no difference to me whether it is on TV, or watching in the stands. I just have no interest.
Until now! Alex - the kid on the far left in the photo - is on a YMCA league 6th grade basketball team. He has practice every Wed. and a game every Thurs. They only have two more practices and one more game, so it'll be over soon. BUT I have enjoyed it so much. And so has Alex. Oh yeah, it was for him, right!
It is just so much more fun to watch a game when you are invested in one of the players. As the season has gone on I've gotten to know all the kids on his team too - and I cheer for them all! Ha!! Don't worry, I'm not one of those parents that yells at the kids from the stands. I get into the game, but only yell positive comments of encouragement. Heck, I even clap when the other team makes a basket. I really like that it is such a positive team, learning type atmosphere for all the kids. Now, it is competitive too - but everyone is really encouraging. I've watched all the kids really develop some skills too. While I don't think there are any Michael Jordan's on the team, it has been really neat to watch the coach take these kids from a group that had never played a 'real' game before to some pick setting, zone defensive, stay-on-your-man, spin into the lay-up, basketball savy kids. Alex has even made a few baskets in a two games - and watching his confidence build after that was so great.
I'm so glad we convinced him to start getting involved in some extra-curriculars. He is a bit shy and has a few close friends, but with him starting middle school next year I'm glad he is branching out a bit. :)

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Susan said...

There's nothing like kindergarten T-ball to get a mom interested in sports! I can't wait until he's ready to play basketball.