Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Weekend Stitching

Okay, I know it is Wednesday, but I just didn't get around to taking the pic and uploading it to the computer til this afternoon. Here are the blanket squares I completed over the weekend. So far I'm managing to stick to the rotation and keep working on these. Just 5 more blocks to complete on the pink (Katie's) blanket and then it will be done - I cannot wait!

I also started the layout for my Mira RR, but right now it is just one and a half outlined sections, so I'll spare you the boredom of that pic til I have a bit more to show! I also just received another Just Nan RR in the mail today, so I'll be stitching on that for the next few nights - hopefully I'll finish before the weekend so that I can knock out another block on the pink blanket over the weekend.

In other news, I also finished doing our tax returns last night - and we are actually getting a refund! A nice sized one too - we were worried since we made much more money this year than any other year that we would have to pay in, but apparently we overcompensated for that when we filled out our deduction forms when we started our new jobs early last year. Sooo now I should probably make an adjustment so we don't overpay so much again this year. Don't want to be giving the govt. an interest free loan - although I have to admit the windfall is quite nice. I think we will use it to get a new front door and put a down payment on some new windows - the ones in Alex's room especially are really in need of being replaced. With this recent cold snap I've seen just how bad they are - they are all iced up and his room is so cold. Both our front door and the door that leads to the garage also leak a lot of warm/cold air - so they should also be replaced. Might just do the whole house if we can afford it cause all the windows are about 25 yrs old and could stand to be replaced.

Oh - and speaking of extra money - I just got a BIG raise! I am so happy about it cause I really felt I was underpaid in comparison to some of my coworkers who just had the nerve to ask for a higher number when they were hired. My naivete about what people were making worked against me when I was hired, and even though I negotiated a higher salary than what was offered, I was still earning less than my peers. BUT I did bring it to the attention of my manager when they had to bump my salary mid-year to meet the minimum for the new salary range for my position. I was not happy that I have 7 yrs experience and they were giving me what someone would make fresh out of school. My boss had lots of nice things to say about my work at my review and even outlined steps he wants me to take so that I can be promoted to the next level by my review next year which is a whole other (higher) salary range. DH is happy for me, but admitted to a bit of jealousy because I am again making more than he is - and he is now doing better than he ever used to as well. Life is good - I cannot complain!


Michelle said...

Jenn, congratulations!!!

Gotta make that trip to Disney look a little more appealing. :o)

Kiwi Jo said...

WTG on the pay rise! I'm in a similar situation and need to start promoting myself better.

Susan said...

Lots of congratulations are in order!! Nice work on the blankets, congratulations on the pay raise, and woo hoo on the tax refund!

Michelle said...

Great progress on the blanket squares! And big congrats on the raise!