Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another Sweetheart Tree RR

This one is Kathy's and is obviously a band sampler. I stitched the flowers and date band and the bands beneath that. It was fun and quick to stitch.

Now to finish the square I was working on for Katie's blanket, and then another two letters on the new baby afghan and then I can get to something else fun!

I think I will likely start on my layout for my new Mira RR. I think I finally managed to work out a feasible layout for what I want to do with it. I've decided to outline 10 sections even though we are only doing 9 mailings. It just layed out better that way, and I'll just fill in the last section on my own sometime. I've also decided not to use Enchanted Mermaid in my RR. Her head seems much larger than the other mermaids and I think she would look disproportiante - also you wouldn't get enough of her body to tell she is a mermaid. She is a gorgeous design, but really fits better with the queens for a project like this. I still have the pattern and may do her on her own some day. After all the other 50 zillion other patterns I want to get around to! There are only 9 mermaid patterns though - 10 total mermaids since I'll be splitting up MOTDB as two, and without Enchanted Mermaid that takes it back to 9. Soooo... I gotta hope that Nora designs another mermaid for me to fill that 10th section someday! She seems to like mermaids, so hopefully she has at least one more in that head of hers. :)


Autumn said...

Looks great Jen. I know what you mean about the RR. I actually ended up making 12 panels on mine. I figured I could get Marjean and Kaye to stitch two of the extra sections since they wouldn't get my RR the way that the mailings go.

Jacqui said...

Love the band sampler, it's gorgeous.

Angi said...

I seriously wish I could figure out what to do! LOL I'm going to work on that this weekend! Great finish on the RR :)