Monday, January 15, 2007

A Good Day :)

I had today off for MLK day. I kept Katie home from daycare to work on the potty training. This way we had a whole 3-day weekend to be in underwear at home. I think we made good progress - she's not totally trained or anything yet, but she will definitely stay dry if I keep after her to use the potty. She won't really be trained until she is the one telling me when she has to go, but I see this as good practice and the more time she spends in underwear, the more that is going to be the norm for her. I do feel we've hit the point of no return to the diapers/pullups except for night time. I expect she will continue to have accidents for awhile, but we'll just deal - I'm not going back to the pullups when she is only averaging 1 - 2 accidents a day. Tomorrow will be the real test when she goes back to daycare. Her teacher is fine with her coming in underwear with several changes of clothes for accidents. So no more pullups except for bedtime at night. She even stays dry during her nap, and as long as we go to the bathroom immediately when she wakes up naptime in underwear is not a problem.

Anyway, since I was home and not working today I took Katie with me to two LNSs, I got a bunch of errands done, we ate lunch at Burger King, and I got a quiet couple of hours while she napped to stitch. It really made me wish for the days when I was a Stay at Home mom. I was relatively busy most of the day, but with stuff that I was invested in doing - not some dumb thing the company I work for decided I should do. I'd really like to quit my job, but not financially feasible, at least not right now. Possible for the future though - we'll see - and today gave me some motivation to do what we can to make that happen. I felt more content today stressing about her pulling something off the shelf at the LNS or possibly having an accident in the restaurant than I *ever* feel at work.

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bunnyhead said...

Congrats on the potty training progress with Katie. I stressed over the girls so much, until one day it just clicked with them and they got it.