Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years

I finally started Mother's Tree on New Years day. I've been wanting to do it forever and New Years is the only day of the year I allow myself to start something new without finishing something else unless I have to start an obligation piece. :) I'm doing it on Peaceful Waters Classic Edinbourogh 36ct linen from Silkweaver and I'm using Dinky Dyes Emerald for the tree. I'm going to do it in all Dinky Dyes silks. I really like how it looks so far - the pic doesn't really do it justice.

We didn't really do too much for New Years, just went out to eat at a local sport bar and then watched a rental before watching the ball drop. We watched MI - 3 which was okay. We were looking for something Alex could watch with us, but would still hold our attention and this fit the bill. Like I said it was okay, but nothing great. We also played Monopoly - and let me put it in writing right here - I WILL NEVER PLAY MONOPOLY AGAIN with my husband. He is just too cut throat, and the game is too long. I can take losing and all, but he is so ruthless and gloats so much and the game just goes on and on and that is no fun and frustrating and causes me to just bicker and b*tch the whole time. Alex had fun though even though he didn't win, so I guess I have less sportsmanship than my 11 yr old son. *sigh*

I should probably take an inventory of what I did in 2006 and what I want to accomplish in 2007 - but I don't really feel like it and to be honest - I don't really find reading everyone else's little year end sum up all that interesting. Mine would be slightly more interesting to me - but probably more boring to everyone else - so I'll skip it. I will list what I have going now though just to have a record for myself to look back on next year - feel free to skip reading it if you choose. :)

Sweetheart Tree RR
Just Nan RR
Chatalaine's Alhambra Garden
Waiting for Ships
Hardanger Table Runner
Silkwood Manor
Katie's blanket
baby blanket for Aug 2007 baby
Hardanger exchange piece
Angel of Summer
Mother's Tree

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Jamie said...

Jenn - I can't play Monopoly with my SO either! Actually there aren't many games we play well together.

Glad you had a nice New Year!