Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another Mirabilia Round Robin

I've decided to moderate another Mirabilia Round Robin. I'm going to do mine all mermaids this time. I'm thinking of stitching a portion of Mermaids of the Deep Blue in the center, and then having the other stitchers do portions of several of the other Mira mermaids in sections outlined around the perimeter. We'll see, I'm still firming up the idea in my head. If you know of a good "under the sea" type fabric please feel free to recommend one as I'll definitely be buying a hand-dyed especially for this piece. I usually buy from Silkweaver, but I'm open to trying out others too.


Jacqui said...

Polstitches has some lovely underwater type fabric if you wanna look there.

Michelle said...

Love your idea of doing all mermaids (I love mermaids!!). I used the Mirabilia fabric viewer to try out some different fabrics for Mermaids of the Deep Blue...you might check that out for some good fabric choices. Silkweaver Oceantide is pretty though.