Saturday, January 20, 2007

Baby Afghans

My sister is pregnant again and since I started stitching baby afghans for all the kids in the family back when I was young and stupid 12 years ago, I'm busily trying to finish another one. The baby isn't due til August, and I picked a relatively easy and quick pattern, so I'm hoping it won't eat up too much of my already limited stitching time. This is of course the first four letters of an alphabet pattern. I changed the "C" because the pattern is really old - like from the 70s - and the C was done in really yucky orange shades. Also there was a clown instead of the cow. All the blankets I've done for all the kids have had a cow in them since my dad is a dairy farmer, so I had to change out the clown anyway - but it was a rather disturbing looking clown to boot!

So far the only baby blankets that weren't done on time were the two I did for my own kids - but then I did much more elaborate things for them. Katie's is still in progress and she is more than 2 1/2! I'm still trying to finish that one up, so I have two of these nasty things on the go at once! I'm determined to finish them both though so that I can focus on more enjoyable stitching! :)


Jamie said...

Oh the afghan is soooo cute! As long as you get Katie's done by the time she leaves for college I would consider it a success.

Marjean said...

That afghan is adorable. Maybe it will be done sooner than you think.

Angi said...

You're doing better than I! Tory is nearly 10 and I've never done a sampler or anything for her! I'm planning on rectifying that though!