Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dasher HD!

I've finished "Dasher" by Nora Corbet for my mom for Christmas. You might remember I gave her "Donner" for her birthday last month. Now at least she has the two to display together.

In other news, Katie is now recovering from a nasty ear infection. She isn't really prone to them - this is only her 3rd - she seems to get one a year or so. This one was really bad though. We first noticed she was sick on Monday night when she woke in the middle of the night and threw up in her bed. Ick! I first thought a stomach bug or just fatigue general sickyness from a cold that was going around school. Tuesday we kept her home from Daycare cause she seemed sort of lethargic and we were all homebound because of an icestorm anyway. Wed. DH stayed home with her and by this time she was complaining of her ear hurting. I took her in to the doctor Wed afternoon and they confirmed my diagnosis of an ear infection and gave her some antibiotic drops for her ear. I thought she'd be up and her old self by sometime Thursday, but when that didn't happen I started to get worried. I called the doctor's office Thurs. night and they basically reacted as though I was just being worrisome and that I hadn't given the drops enough time to work. Luckily my boss was really understanding through all of this and I was able to work from home both Thurs and Friday and keep her busy with Disney movies and Spongebob since she was mostly lying on the couch being cranky and sick. She would seem a little better for an hour or two, but then seem as sick and warm and cranky as ever.

Today is the first day that I've been confident that she is actually getting better and it's Sunday. I've never had one of my kids be this sick for this long before, and for that I guess I should be grateful. Sean and I are about worn out from it all though. The worrying and all the extra effort to keep her comfortable and not fussing. Of course now that she is feeling better she is accostomed to a little more attention and not wanting to give that up although she is clearly better and playing with her dolls and toys and beginning to want to eat again. I think I'll actually be glad to get back to work tomorrow!


Rani said...

Gorgeous piece! I hope Katie is feeling much better soon. Poor baby!

Sweet Pea said...

Dasher looks fantastic!

I used to get ear infections a lot when I was a child. A warm (not hot) heating pad did a lot to relieve the discomfort, but ask your pediatrician first. If you can't use a heating pad, maybe a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel or pillow case would provide some relief.

Karoline said...

Dasher is stunning, congratulations

I hope Katie is on the mend now

Kathy A. said...

Oh, poor Katie. Ear infections are just awful. I hope she is feeling better soon. Dasher looks just gorgeous in his fame. Nice work.

Susan said...

I'm sorry that Katie has been so sick. :(

Congratulations on another beautiful finish - your mom is going to be thrilled!

Lisha said...

Hello,I just came across your blog and saw you did Dasher. I fell in love with those two when I saw them. I haven't started them yet.Now there are two more out. Yours looks beautiful. Better than the model pic.