Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fair Results

Well, Silkwood Manor did not place. When I picked it up after the judging the woman who took my claim check and had to fetch it and bring it to me asked me if the judge commented why she didn't place it. The judge hadn't said anything about it (though she spent a great deal of time pouring over it - at least it seemed to me!) and I said so to the woman. The woman said, "Well, if you want to know what I think, I think it is gorgeous and you did a beautiful job." I thought that was really nice of her to say. Even if she was just being nice, it was encouraging and part of the reason I like going to the fair judging every year. Mixed in with all the crazies that take winning way too seriously, are the gems like this woman. You could tell that she geniuely enjoyed seeing everyone's work, and it was so kind of her to take the time to comment to someone with a non-willing entry.

I did not get "skunked" though - my Enchanted Alphabet, which I figured probably would not place, got a fourth place ribbon in its category. That was a pleasant surprise.

The best part of the day though was that I had a friend there this time! Kelly decided to make the drive over for the day from Monticello and it was really nice to have a friendly face to share the day with. We watched the crazies and admired all the cool stuff people entered this year. The woman who usually has her yearly temper tantrum (okay that is an exagerration but not much) and claims she isn't entering anymore was pretty well behaved this year, but then she placed in almost all her categories, so she didn't have much to complain about this year. She was still fun to watch though, as she was as serious as ever.

I don't know if I mentioned in years past that the judging isn't just needlework items, but all sorts of crafts, we also watched judging for jewelry making, yarn spinning, rug hooking, teddy bear making, pencil drawing, and lots of other stuff that isn't coming to mind right now. It was a fun day, and I'm glad I entered, and will keep entering each year, even when I've had a dry year for finishes (like this year). Now to get some work in on my WIPs so I'll have more to enter next year!!


Holly said...

Sorry to hear that your Silkwood Manor (gorgeous!) didn't place. It sounds like you and Kelly had a fun day though.

Melissa said...

I am SO jealous I couldn't come along with you guys! Next year FOR SURE. Let me know the date and I will get it on my calendar.

Congrats on the Enchanted Alphabet ribbon!!

Susan said...

I'm sorry that Silkwood Manor didn't place, but am glad that you had a good day out, and it was great that Kelly was able to join you for the day.

Daffycat said...

SM is magnificent; I am surprised it didn't get a ribbon! But congratulations on the EA one! Woohoo!

I'm glad you had fun and plan to enter again!