Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Heritage Sampler progress

This one has been calling to me recently and after working only on Silkwood Manor for so long I decided to just stitch what I felt like stitching! I finished the border around the center tree design and started the tree itself. Fun working with the silks!

Those are Katie's pink fingernails holding up the picture. Freshly painted so I had to be really sure they were all dry before I'd let her near this piece! :)

I think for now I'm just going to try to work a little bit on each piece before trying to get back to any sort of really organized rotation. After I've visited with each piece maybe I'll pick another focus piece and try to finish something again. Not sure what I'm going to work on next, but Alhambra Garden and Inspiration are calling the loudest right now - we'll see which wins. :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You stitch such pretty things.

You definitely deserve to stitch whatever you want after your last big finish.

Getting ready for vacation??

sugardoll said...

Love those silks. So colorful and brilliant.

I have awarded you on my blog. Please check it out. Thanks =)

Melissa said...

Looks great! I'll look forward to your Alhambra progress.

Susan said...

Nice work on Heritage Sampler, Jen.

Eva said...

Jenn, because your stitching and your blog inspire me, I have nominated you for the Brilliante Blogger Award. Please stop by my blog to pick up the award.