Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another good "new house" possibilty

Our house still hasn't sold, but it has only been about a month, and many, many properties in our neighborhood have been on the market much longer. We are cautiously optomistic, but with the economy the way it is, I just don't think too many people are even thinking about buying right now.

This house has been on the market since July or August, and we saw it at an open house soon after it came on the market. At the time we weren't ready to buy and our own house wasn't on the market yet. We were still in saving and planning mode. Once our house did go on the market, this one disappeared from the MLS and we thought it had probably sold (it seems reasonably priced for the newer, nicer neighborhood it is in.) Yesterday I was looking through the listing again and up it came. Looking through the pics, it looks like the owners have moved out and perhaps stopped marketing it for awhile while they moved??

Anyway, this house is in an ideal location, blocks from both the (gasp!) high school Alex will attend next year, and blocks from one of the acceptable Elementary schools for Katie to attend (gasp again!) Kindergarten next year. Aside: Gosh my kids are growing up fast!!

It is newer than the other house we liked and would need a lot less updating. This newer home appears to have less square footage, but that isn't really true because the aprox. 2200 listed doesn't include the two rec rooms and full bath on the basement level. Yes, yes, this house has plenty of space for get togethers too! Another Aside: I've already informed Sean that if we are lucky enough to sell our house and buy another, I'm definitely hosting a get together after we're settled.

The only negative is that Sean isn't really happy with the yard. It is much more open to the neighbor's yards (though not as bad as many newer homes I've seen) and smaller than the other house. There are some trees, but they are less mature. I don't mind as much because although it isnt' as nice as the other yard, it is acceptable to me and less yard and fewer trees equal less yardwork! Sean does do most of the yardwork though, so I'm inclined to allow him the bigger yard if the house on it works for me.

The price tag plays a role too - this one is more $$. BUT, we'd probably easily spend the difference on updating in the older home, just over time instead of up front. The bank will approve us for much more than either house is listed for, but we want to try to stay in a range where we can afford to put down our 20% and keep our payment lower - the newer home is pushing it on the 20% down, but I know we could still do the payment.

It'd be fun to renovate the older home to be more our own, and it is a very interesting house with some nice features you cannot just in every house - but I know home improvement projects get old, and time-consuming, and draining too.

So anyway, lots to ponder IF we ever sell our current home.


Melissa C. said...

Wow, it's hard to choose, isn't it? They both have a lot of really good features. The only thing you can't change about a house is its location, so all things being equal, pick the one that is located the best. But, I have to agree with Sean, that backyard on the new one would make me insane. I need privacy. In case I ever want to skinny dip, you know. LOL

Anonymous said...

Love the house! Could you put a fence up? That would drive me crazy....

Anonymous said...

Hi, From the Chatelaine stitchers board. Nice house! My cousin and her family live in Waukesha.