Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mery Christmas house ornament

This is Merry Little House by Thea Duck of The Victoria Sampler. Great pattern, lovely little house ornament. BUT, the finishing was really tough. I admit to doing it my own way, so maybe that was part of it. The directions said to mount each piece onto mat board and then attach together, but I attached them without doing that and then put cardboard inside along each side and filled with rice rather than mount each piece. That seemed to work out fine and I liked the effect of having a tighter seam along each side that way. However, I reverted back to "following directions" for attaching the roof, and well, it got ugly. There was just no way to delicately stitch the roof piece down without it showing and you can see I just got frustrated and got it done in the end and it looks like crap. I was going to give it as a gift, but I'm going to have to keep it for my own tree now, cause I'd be to embarrassed of the hack job on the roof. *sigh*

So all you stitchers out there that compiment my finishing skills - see I suck sometimes too. LOL I think I'll work on Mother's Tree next as it has been awhile since I worked on it and it won't require to drag all my stitching stuff out of the closet its packed into for all the showings we've been having!

On the house front, the showings keep coming and coming. Although our realtor warned us to expect a slow down for the holidays things have only continued to pick up - 3 showings just this weekend. The feedback we are getting is almost all positive - but we keep hearing over and over that people just started looking and want to see a few more houses before they make a decision - so no offers yet. We are hopeful it'll happen soon though.


Missy Ann said...

Well the house turned out cute no matter what, so don't worry about it. And IIRC you are not the only person that has issues putting the roof on. I know I saw on another blog that it had given another stitcher fits.

I'll keep sending good thoughts on the house.

Shannon said...

I think your house looks really cute!

Jill in CA said...

Your house ornament looks cute! Hey, you've gotten farther than I will; I'll probably stitch it and then be too afraid to try the finishing for years so it will sit in a box. :)

I hope someone makes a good offer on your house soon!! We've had a noticeable pickup in the amount of people looking at ours this past week too; one on Saturday and another today. I must say, though, if at all possible I'm never listing my home during the holidays ever again. Keeping it that clean while preparing for Christmas is such a huge pain!!