Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year's Mish Mash 2010

Last year I started Stone Roses on New Year's Day. This year, instead of starting a new project, I decided to get some progress in on her because I really enjoy stitching her. Just. for. me. :)

I spent far too much of my stitching time in 2009 on obligation stitching, so this year my main stitching focus is to stitch what I want on my own projects. The only obligation stitching I'm doing in 2010 is to finish up the Mira RR I'm currently involved in. I don't think of that as too much of a hardship though - I love Miras to begin with, so meeting that obligation is not going to be too tough. :) But that along with the baby blanket I just finished meant that I didn't get in much progress on all my WIPs in 2009. I'm afraid the blanket was my only major happy dance for 2009 and I missed competing in State Fair because I didn' have anything to enter.

So anyway, no new obligations for 2010! I just want to focus on finishing as many of my current WIPs as possible. I may have a new start or two - but only as I finish something else. I spent the first three days of 2010 loving to stitch Stone Roses. I'll spend the next few days finishing another section on the Mira RR and then I want to get some progress in on each of these other WIPs:

Inspiration - Rosewood Manor
Mother's Tree - MLI
Angel of Summer - MLI
Heritage Sampler - Chatelaine
Alhambra Garden - Chatelaine
Stitcher's Heirloom Sampler - Victoria Sampler
Hardanger Table Runner - (don't know designer offhand - too lazy to go look)

The hardest one to work on is going to be the Hardanger Table Runner - I think it is just sort of an "I don't love you anymore" project, yet I've done so much I cannot just not finish it either. *sigh* maybe a little at a time?..

I also want to finish these completed pieces into framed pieces or other items:
Just Nan RR from a few years back - into a stitching book
Band Samler RR from a few years back - into a bellpull
Mirabilia Mermaid RR - into a framed piece

So that's it - I've made my New Year's post - hopefully I can stick to it (mostly)! :)


Blu said...

Stone Roses looks lovely!
Good luck with your stitching plans~

Missy Ann said...

Stone Roses is so pretty! I really need to start her... If I had a dime for everytime I said that. lol

I'm whole heartedly behind the stitch for yourself plan. :D

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

She is gorgeous! This is so on my want to do list.

Alice said...

You will have a busy year Jenny, but a good one. I agree that stitching for yourself is a great plan. Stone Roses looks so pretty.

Wanda said...

Beautiful. And Jenn...a great plan! Do more for YOU. And maybe your "I don't love you anymore" project will sooner or later sing out to you again.

Kerry said...

I just saw your blog today, Stone Roses are so nice. Hope you have time to check out my blog. Happy New Year from Canada.

Autumn said...

Everytime I see your Stone Roses I always think I need to stitch that one. It's so pretty!! One day...

Kathy A. said...

Oh hon, I think so many of us are on the same page this year. We need to take some time and finish up our own things. I am hoping to finish Royal Holiday this year too.
Good luck with your plans for this year.

Tracy J said...

Very nice work!

Susan said...

Good luck with your goals, Jenny! I know what you mean about obligation stitching! I'm going to be stitching for others this year as part of my goal, but it's on my own terms - no exchanges, no round robins.