Monday, November 22, 2010

Think these guys know what's in my frig?

I guess these turkeys don't understand that it is almost Thanksgiving or they wouldn't be venturing so close to my backdoor. Or maybe they know I already have the bird thawing in the frig - so no need to fret?

We also get deer and the occasional red fox sauntering through the backyard despite being in a relatively populated area.

In stitching news, I've been working on TW's Persian Floral. Finished one of the inside corner motifs, which was fun, but tons of backstitching!


Missy Ann said...

Nice start to the TW.

I can't wait for turkey day. I love turkey & gravy & mashed potatoes & stuffing & rolls & wine! lol

Kathy A. said...

Oh those turkeys - silly - silly things!
Looking forward to turkey day too! Yum, yum.

Holly said...

I had a turkey hanging out around my place for a couple of months. He probably feel safe here because I don't eat turkey!

Great progress on Persian Floral... I hate it when any design has too much backstitching, but in the case of TW, it always just makes everything pop so nicely!

Cheryl said...

We've got wild turkeys about, too. Always amuses me.

Trying hard not to think too much about the carb-fest holiday. I'm going to have to starve myself between T-day and Christmas or I'll be a blimp.

Persian has such pretty colors. Excellent beginning!

Alice said...

I don't think Turkeys think too much about anything!
Nice start on the TW. There's always a ton of backstitching, but that is a big part of why they look so fabulous!

Aussie Stitcher said...

LOL at the turkeys. Persian Floral is looking wonderful.