Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Disney Diary - Day 2 Continued

Extra magic? What magic?

After the Hoop Dee Doo Sean and I had planned to take the kids back to Magic Kingdom and ride a few of the less popular rides before going back to the hotel. Sean didn't want to be "done" for the day just yet, it was only about 6:30p. I agreed to this seeminly reasonable plan earlier in the day and in fact had even written it into my "obsessive itenirary" before we even left for the vacation. However, I was dead. tired. I had a glass of Rose at the Hoop Dee Doo from which I was no longer tipsy, but I think the post buzz added to my overall feeling of sleepiness/fatique. (Yes, even one drink has an effect on me - likely because I almost never have one.) I hadn't had a lot of sleep the week before we left, and got up earlier than everyone else to re-check in. I was just beat and standing there waiting for the boat I just knew I couldn't do it - couldnt' go to MK now AND take Alex to the Extra magic hours later in the evening. Since I knew the EMH were a big, big deal to Alex, I just couldn't tell him no. Sooo I said to Sean I think we should go back to the hotel for a rest. Sean, to his credit saw how tired I was and reluctantly agreed to go back to Wilderness Lodge.

We rested maybe half an hour before Sean was complaining he wanted to do something, anything not to be trapped in the hotel for the night. Alex went to the pool and I told Sean he should go with, but he didn't want to do something with the kids - had to be something with me. I didn't really get to rest - I ended up going with Sean later after Katie cluncked out. We went down to the jacuzzi tub and sat for awhile while Alex stayed with a sleeping Katie. At least it was semi-relaxing, but I was really just annoyed that he wouldnt' let me sleep a little and was forcing me to choose between keeping everyone happy and about killing myself and dissapointing someone (which by the way was not going to be him without a major fight). I was so exhausted I was just trying not to cry. We didn't stay long though, I think Sean could see how much I just wanted to rest and we headed back to the room. Sean said he just needed "something" to do for a bit. I understood that, but I just wish I didn't have to be responsible for making that happen for him. He would have been fine with me dissapointing Alex (the EMH were the most looked forward thing for Alex), but leave Sean hi and dry for an evening and all hell would have broken loose. *sigh* sorry about the vent there, but this is a common thread in our relationship and although it is always minor stuff like this is really, really gets old.

Anyway, Alex and I did go to the Extra Magic hours, and we had a reasonably good time. One of the reasons it is so important to Alex (and me too really!) is that it is the one of the few times he does not have to worry about what Katie can/can't do, or what Dad does/doesn't want to do. Katie is still too young for lots of the bigger rides, and Sean does not do the bigger rides either. This is our chance to have one on one time without little sister butting in, and he gets to pretty much pick whatever he wants to do (within reason of course). It wasn't as nice as the EMH were on our last trip. Last time we were able to get on Big Thunder Mountain twice in a row, followed by Splash Mountain with no wait at all! The park was nearly empty and we didn't wait in line for anything more than 5 - 10 min. all night! This time was more crowded and we had to use Fastpass in order to ride both Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. We still had a good time though and we got in several other rides we hadn't ever done before like Haunted Mansion (which gave me a chance to preview it for Sean and Katie). We also ate our traditional cookie ice cream sandwich from Sleepy Hollow. Boy those things are big - I think one a year is all I can handle without gaining like 50 lbs. I didn't even finish mine - and I love ice cream and cookies!

Next up: Disney Studios (formerly MGM)


Melissa C. said...

UGH, I am so sorry your husband was a jerk. Why are men so selfish sometimes? Anyway, I'm glad you had a nice time with Alex and that ice cream sandwich sounds amazing!

Susan said...

I'm sorry you had to put up with Sean acting like a spoiled child. What is it with grown men? Grrrrr....