Friday, September 26, 2008

First Open House

First open house this weekend, so cross your fingers for us! Thanks for all the nice comments on the house. Trust me, until recently it didn’t usually look that nice, this is the result of more than a week of intense cleaning during all my free time. It’s always been a good house, don’t get me wrong, but we are just outgrowing it, which means it is even harder to keep it clutter-free.

The backyard is pretty awesome. The yard and the larger kitchen (for a house this size) is what sold us on it and I’m hoping will sell someone else on it too. Of course now we are spoiled and are going to have trouble finding a bigger/newer home with as big and as private a backyard. Newer homes generally equal smaller lots and fewer mature trees – at least around here. We might buy another older home that is just larger and update it ourselves as budget allows, but first we have to get this one sold – no use putting the cart before the horse!


Susan said...

Good luck with the open house! Since you like the yard size, and the kitchen, have you thought about adding on? It might be an option to consider if you like the neighborhood.

Good luck, again!

Kathy A. said...

Good luck my dear. Thinking good thoughts. I really enjoyed your Disney diary.

Melissa C. said...

Good luck! I think it is a great house, and hope someone feels the same way. Let us know how it goes!