Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wanna buy a house?

Whew! After months of talking about it and doing various updates, we finally decided we are ready and put the house up for sale. I know the market is pretty soft right now, so although I'm trying to be optomistic, I know it might not sell quickly.

Here is the link to our listing.


Susan said...

Good luck with selling your house, Jenny. I'm in the market myself, but that commute is a little too much for me!

Melissa C. said...

We used to have that exact same shower curtain. LOL Your house is so cute, with tons of curb appeal. I really like the secluded feeling backyard too. Good luck!

Jill in CA said...

Good luck selling your house! I looked through the pictures and, wow, your yard is so big!! A house out here with a yard like that would be close to 7 figures!

And wow, I'm so jealous you got a dream fastpass card. We've seen them all year at Disneyland (we have season passes) but we've never managed to be in the right place at the right time. Oh well! Your trip sounds like it was so much fun. :)