Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Craft Room (to be)

This post is inspired by Susan, who is asking for pictures of your craft room so that she can get ideas for her own stitching room. :) As most of you know, I just moved into a new house too and having a craft/stitching room was definitely on the priority list. This is the only finished room in our basement, and as soon as we finish the rest of the basement so we can use it for our family and computer rooms, this will be mine (all mine!!). As you can see the room is currently serving as our second living room or a family room, the computer is in it, as is the lazy teenager most of the time! See there he is! And our old couch and the video game system. *sigh* but it will be all mine when the rest of the basement is finished. We are hoping that is later this year, but we are waiting to see if I get a new placement at work before we commit to spending any more money on the house for right now.

I did, however, unpack all my stash into the built in shelves though. This is the bulk of my stash - I also have my beads and a few WIPs and other miscellaneous supplies in a two-drawer end table next to my stitching chair upstairs, but this is pretty much everything else. Now that it is unpacked at least I can get to everything again. The door next to the shelves is an unfinished closet that goes under the stairs. I'm going to finish that off with more storage for crafty stuff too.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the previous owner left this huge storage closet in the unfinished part of the basement. I might just snag this for the craft room too. I'm thinking it will give me all the room I need to start a fabric collection and other miscellaneous supplies for all the crafty goodness I can stand! :)


Susan said...

The room has good "bones" as they like to say! I like that it already has built-in shelves!

I hope you are able to get the rest if your basement finished soon!

Kathy A. said...

Oh wow what a lovely amount of space for a stitching room. I think my entire tiny little home would fit in there!! My craft room is a table and some cedar trunks lol. I am so jealous. You lucky girl.

Missy Ann said...

You'd better call dibs on that closet before the little one turns it into her playhouse. :)

Holly said...

That looks like and awesome space for a craft room - love the built in shelves!

Alice said...

It will be a great craft space. I love that huge cabinet that the previous owners left behind. Imagine the stash you can fit in there.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ooh that storage closet is a MUST! I want it!!!

You'll have fun when it comes time to set up your room all proper like!