Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Rock a bye Baby

We had a little good news on the house today - the seller's bank says we can close whenever we want now! I'm excited, but also nervous that something will come up again at the last minute. The new closing is scheduled for Friday at 9:30am. Cross your fingers that this time it will really close and the bank has no more surprises.

Lately I just haven't had the concentration for any of my WIPs as they are all larger pieces. Instead I've been working on the baby afghan for my sister - each block is a quick finish. I've also been working on one of the smalls I got at Celebration, so hopefully I'll have that to show one of these days too. So the above picture is another of the nursery rhyme blocks from the baby afghan.

The job situation is looking up too - it sounds like I have a definite maybe for a new placement, which would be awesome and aleviate some of the "OMG, I have a larger mortgage payment and I might loose my job." angst I've been having.

So things are looking up, I hope, maybe, I think. Cross your fingers and say a prayer though just in case!


Missy Ann said...

The little cradle is so sweet. A finish is a finish no matter how small. :)

Keeping my fingers crossed for the closing. I'll be expecting a happy post Friday evening.

Kathy A. said...

Got my fingers and toes crossed and wishing on a star for you!!!!

Wanda said...

Saying a prayer Jenn that everything is going to work out! Good thinking...working on the afgan. Even if each block is just a part of the complete afgan, a quick fix is good no matter what!

Wendy said...

Keep my fingers crossed for you too for the closing!!

Love your stitching. It is fun to work on an afghan.

Crystal said...

Those just look so cute stitched up. Hope you closed without further ado today.