Sunday, June 28, 2009


I managed to add the piping to the pillows! All of you sewing experts out there for whom this is no sweat please just humor me a second here. :) I've never done anything that involved using a different foot on the sewing machine before so just let me have my moment. LOL I ended up using the zipper foot to do these since my cheapy brother model of sewing machine did not have a piping foot and I didn't want to look for and buy one.

An experienced seamstress will be able to find room for improvement upon close inspection of the pillows, but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and now the window seat is complete. Except of course for the silver curtains Katie has requested....*sigh*.

Speaking of curtains, I have no earthly idea how to dress the window in my living room. The valance was left by the previous owner and I know it is hard to see in the pic. This house is so hard to photograph because there is always all this natural light pooring in the windows where I'm trying to take the picture. Anyway - it is a burgandy gingham valance on a thick wood pole. I'm fine with burgandy - but gingham not so much, plus this window set just seems like it needs more than just a weaky mealkey valance on it.... suggestions??


Missy Ann said...

The pillow looks fantastic! Hmmm silver curtains? Does someone picture herself with a life on stage? lol

I'd put up mom approved curtains, but on the inside made run a couple of yards of silver lame through some brackets to keep kiddo happy.

As for the living room, I go nuthin' Seriously, I've been in this house for 5 years and I have white sheers. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

The window seat looks amazing. Good job!

If I were dressing the other windows, I would consider putting panels on each of the side windows with each one pulled back with a valance extending across all of the windows; or a long swag curtain that extends across the whole bank of windows maybe with the horizontal part wrapped and swagged on an ornate pole. You could even do plantation shutters, depending on your decorating style, but those tend to be rather expensive for big windows.

holly said...

The window seat looks awesome!

For the living room windows, I'd look around at a departmet store that sold them and maybe get some ideas.

Have you considered no curtains but maybe some nice wood blinds instead?

I've never been good at

Wanda said...

The window seat is beautiful, Jen! Really good job. I have already discovered that dressing windows is not my thing. I have the ideas maybe (or I look for ideas online) but then I just can't make it work. I ended up with the most beautiful piece of material just folded over the curtain cable!! It looks very plain and, well, not so great but fortunately no one really notices!!

Autumn said...

Can anyone see in those windows? The living room windows I mean? I wouldn't put anything there either. We just have blinds on our living room windows and have them open almost all the time since not really anyone can see in. It keeps the room open and full of light.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great job on the window seat dressings! Better than I could have done!

How about some nice wide panels and sheers for your big windows. Theyc an be pulled back with a nice tie/tassel.

Erin said...

The pillows look wonderful! Great job, Mom! LOL As far as K's curtains, could you maybe find some white or pink fabric with a swirly silver design on them (as opposed to all silver)? For the living room, I would go with either a swag of some sort, or with floor-length panels on the outsides and on the separations between the smaller outside windows and the large center window, with sheer panels in between if you need/want privacy. That's what most of the decorating shows seem to go with.

Cheryl said...

Kudos on the pillows! You did an excellent job! No help on the silver curtains, but I like the pink with swirly silver design suggestion.

Living room: I couldn't tell from your post, but if light/sun glare is an issue (with viewing TV, for example), I'd like to suggest Roman shades. While you can find them inexpensively, they are also easy to make. MIL & I made them for DH's home office. We topped each window group with a valance in a matching fabric. The valance is deep enough to hide the shades when drawn. That way, you can decide about light vs. privacy.

Alice said...

That window seat looks great! And I, who do now sew at all, am very impressed with the pillow and the piping on the pillow. My house is tucked in behind other houses way back on a cul de sac so practically no one has views of my house. Therefore we have very little window treatment at all. I love the views and the light. The previous owner even took out all the window screens, which makes the windows even prettier. That said, I do like wood blinds. Maybe painted white for that nice bright room?

Kathy A. said...

What a wonderful job you did on Katie's window seat! Love the idea of the silver curtains.
I don't know about curtains but I love that great big window and the view is gorgeous!

Jill in CA said...

Lovely pillows and cushion; congrats!

We have white wood verticals for a window like what you have in the living room. But, we don't really do curtains with the cats and all. Good luck deciding!