Monday, March 27, 2006

Another sick weekend

This time it was just Katie, but it was her first bought with throwing up and it was no picnic! UGH. She seemed fine Saturday morning and we did our normal errands and stuff and everything was fine. She ate lunch normally and went down for her nap normally. When she woke up from her nap I noticed that she felt a bit warm, but that isn't really unusual after sleeping under the covers. Lots of times she feels warm when she first wakes up and then is feeling normal within 15-20 min or so. So I didn't think much of it. Just gave her some milk and crackers, which is her usual snack after naptime.

She didn't want either, which is what really started me thinking something was wrong. Then she was cranky and fussy so I just sat her in the chair with her "blankie". Suddenly she and the blankie were full of puke! UGH. Luckily the blankie caught most of it so the chair was unharmed. Threw everything in the washer and got her cleaned up and tried to get some infant Advil in her to bring down the fever. 20 min later the Advil all comes up plus some more lunch.

After she was done she seemed back to her old self, laughing and playing with her brother and bouncing off the walls as usual. At about dinner time I gave her just water and saltines to see if she would hold that down okay. All seemed fine, she was still laughing and playing and then got this look on her face and I knew what was coming. All over me and the chair this time. Luckily though, I was sitting in a vinyl covered chair - so no biggee. Several hours later DH and I were very good at getting a tuperware container under her whenever we saw that look on her face. She didn't get anymore to eat for the rest of Saturday after the crackers came up - just water. Funny thing is when she wasn't puking she seemed fine - except for the bit of crankiness when she first got up from her nap she was playing around as usual- just stopping for a puke break. Alex was like that when he was a little kid and would get sick too - so I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised. She seemed pretty miserable when she was puking though - she kept saying "all done, all done" even when she wasn't. Sort of like she wanted me or daddy to let her be "all done". I felt so bad that I couldn't stop it for her.

She made it through Sunday with no repeat performances, so I think we are in the clear now. No one else in the family felt sick at all (well except for the gagging we did while cleaning up the messes!), so I have no idea what it was.

Oh, and the other thing we did this weekend - we all got our hair cut. First haircut for Katie and she did really well (this was Sat. morning before the sickness). She had to sit in Sean's lap (I was getting mine cut at the same time), but she sat still and let them trim her up. I just had them straighten the hack job I did on her bangs and even out the back a bit. I had my hair chopped all off. Well a lot of it anyway. If you scroll down to the pic of me and Katie together in one of my other entries, you can see I had pretty long hair. It is now just brushing my shoulders. I wanted a bit less hair for the summer months. :)


Erin said...

I'm so sorry she was sick! Believe me, I know how that is.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I love your idea, of just focusing on the Mirabilia ladies, I shall have to try that out sometime.. thanks for the inspiration