Thursday, March 16, 2006


This is my piece for the Open-Themed Round Robin that recently wrapped up. :) I'm very pleased with how it came out. Once it came back to me I just needed to finish off the butterflies in the border by adding black beads for their bodies. I finally got around to doing that the last two nights and so now it is ready to be framed and hung in Katie's room (which is done in butterflies). I think a black frame would look nice with the piece, but silver might look better for the room it is going to hang in. The walls are a very light gray with purple butterflies stamped on, so the gray actually looks sort of lavender. The other pictures are framed in white or silver so I think black would stand out too much. Decisions, decisions. :)

So last night and tonight I've been plugging away on my Hardanger Table runner - probably won't post a pic of that one this time as I'm just doing blanket stitch and it doesn't really look any different from before. I'll be so glad when the blanket stitch is done though cause then I get to move onto some of the pretty motifs on the inside. I also have a bunch of eyelets to do though, so I think I'll alternate between motifs and eyelets so that I don't OD on the eyelets. I'm not big on eyelets. Love how they look - just not crazy about stitching them. After the Hardanger Table runner I'm going to do the other dreaded square on Katie's blanket for this month. I had a cute little bee pattern all picked out - a freebie I got from somewhere, but now I can't find it. Gonna do some more digging tonight to see if I can't come up with it.

The other night I was trying to get Alex and Katie to pose together for a picture by sitting in our bay window in our living room. Alex hates having his photo taken and was unwilling but offered to take my picture with Katie instead. I remembered that there are almost no pictures of me in this house cause I'm usually the one holding the camera, so I let him go ahead. Except that we have our PJs on and our hair is pretty messy, I think it is a pretty good picture!


Rani said...

What a beautiful round robin! Love the pic of you and Katie. Cute!

KariA1 said...

Gorgeous RR!!!!

Karoline said...

Your RR is gorgeous and I love the picture of you and Katie

Lelia said...

Cute picture!

Wonderful RR. The butterflies are beautiful. Cannot help with the frame color choice -- but, silver or black sound good.

Hardanger is tough for me. Good luck with it.