Monday, March 06, 2006

Birthday Weekend

I'm 32 if you're interested. :) We spent the majority of Saturday looking for a new vehicle. We've pretty much narrowed it down to either a Honda CR-V or a Toyota RAV4. DH really likes the RAV4 better, but it sounds like we can get a much better deal on the Honda. We're trying to work a little better deal on the RAV4 - so if that comes through we still might get the RAV4, but right now it looks like we'll be getting the Honda. DH and I did remarkably well not arguing about the whole buying a new car process. Those kind of high stress situations always seem to bring out the worst in both of us, but we did really well this time. It's not over yet though, so hopefully we can continue on an amicable path.

I did manage to finish stitching part 3 on the Sampler Mystery this weekend. It was a really small part this time, just a peacock. It was quick, easy, and fun. I also decided not to do "Mother's Tree" on the aqua fabric. I have ordered a piece of lt. Sand 40ct linen that I may use, or I may order another blue piece. I just had the feeling that the aqua was a bit to garish for that piece. Since it was my birthday yesterday, I decided to start a new piece (even though I probably should not have!). I started "Waiting for Ships" by Mirabilia on the 40ct Tropical Breeze (the aqua fabric). So far that is going pretty well, but I'm having to use substitutes for a few of the blended symbols as I'm stitching with only one strand on the 40ct. I think I will also substitute blending filament for the #4 braids. The beads are already petite size, so I'll have to see how they will fit when the time comes. They are mostly in long lines of beads, so I think it will be easy to fudge by leaving a few off here and there. I'm excited though, cause so far it really looks good, and I'll be able to stitch 2 of the mermaids on the fat quarter I have since they come out so small on the 40ct fabric.

I've avoided it for as long as I can, so tonight I have to start another square on Katie's blanket. Pray for me that it goes quickly! :) I've picked out a cute teddy holding a green blanket from one of my stash leaflets. Katie always carries around a green blanket (she's very attached to it actually!) so I thought it was appropriate. I think it will be quick and simple to stitch too, so hopefully it won't be painful. :)


Jill in CA said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'd say a new start was warranted. ;) Good luck on the new car purchase; I hope you and your DH can continue the process amicably. I agree with your decision on the blue/aqua fabric for Mother's Tree. I can't wait to see what you decide; I plan to do it "someday".

KariA1 said...

Happy Birthday!! I have a CRV and I love it!!!!

Debbi said...

Happy Birthday!

Sending good thoughts your way so that the teddy stitches up quickly for you.

Lana said...

Hi Jenny! My mom has a RAV4 it is a 1997 model and she loves it! It is a really good lil' car! She's had it almost ten years now, and has never had any problems with it. Very reliable!
Love all the stitching!