Thursday, March 23, 2006

work rant

Why is it that whenever I get brought onto a project as a technical writer - I always end up being the team gopher? It always sounds good in the beginning, "We need someone to proofread, edit, wordsmith our statement of work and proposal." But before too long I'm standing in front of the copy machine stapling and corelating the project managers presentation. ARGH!!! I did not go to college and bust my butt for several years in entry level positions to now finally have the kind of job I've been working toward (only in theroy evidently) to end up in front of the copy machine again!! I AM NOT YOUR SECRETARY! I wonder if I was a big burly guy of age 49 or so with a bald spot whether they'd transition so easily from having me do what my job is: Write clear, concise documents.... to: copy girl. Just because my part of the project is done - you have your clear concise document doesn't mean you get to use me as your personal secretary.

And yes, I'm well aware you cannot tell I'm a professional writer from my blog. I dont' make an effort to be flawless here as I do in my professional life as this is for fun and not for pay.

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