Friday, March 31, 2006

End of the Month

Yikes, today is the end of the month already! Time to review goals etc.

Sooo for March this is what I wanted to accomplish:

March Goals
1. Part 3 of Chatelaine Sampler Mystery II - Yep
2. Another section on the Any Designer Band Sampler RR - Yep
3. Two squares on Katie's blanket - Yep

If I have more time: (I did!)
1. Stitch some on my Hardanger Table Runner (finish the blanket stitch!) - Done, even did a few small motifs. :)
2. Stitch some on Angel of Summer - nope
3. Start Mother's Tree - nope

I did also do a small JN boxtop design and stitched some on Emma's Garden instead of Angel of Summer. And I started Mira's "Waiting for Ships" instead of Mother's Tree. I was anxious to start something on the beautiful aqua fabric I had originally ordered for Mother's Tree, but it was too dark for that design. I will, will start Mother's Tree soon though, maybe. (ha)

Okay now for April

April Goals

  1. Part 4 of Chatalaine Sampler Mystery II
  2. My section on Autumn's Mira RR
  3. Stitch another section on the Any Designer Band Sampler RR
  4. Stitch some on Emma's Garden
  5. Stitch one square on Katie's blanket
  6. Get a layout together for the Foldable Books RR

If I have more time:
  • Stitch some on Angel of Summer
  • Stitch another square on Katie's blanket.
  • Stitch some on Alhambra Garden
  • Stitch some on Waiting for Ships
  • Start Mother's Tree

*sigh* doesn't look like I'll get to Mother's Tree in April, maybe May?


Myrna said...

Emma is looking wonderful! Also your other projects...

You have only missed two of your March goals? I think that's great! I don't dare set monthly goals... I doubt if I'll even do half my yearly list! (I keep adding projects.)

Have a great weekend...

Carol said...

Great job with your goals last month!! You deserve a treat for yourself!