Monday, November 24, 2008

Alhambra Garden progress

I was going to finish all of the top triangle before I posted a progress pic, but on Saturday I decided to stitch some on Heritage Sampler and before long Alhambra Garden was tossed back into the WIP pile. I thought I'd at least take a pic and post it to show I did work on it a little. I'm still enjoying stitching it, I'm just enjoying Heritage Sampler more at the moment. Maybe I'll come back to AG when I get tired of Heritage Sampler. :)
I have made an executive decision to only stitch on what I feel like until the new year. I'll probably try to go back to some sort of rotation then, but for now I'm going screamin'.


Holly said...

I ALWAYS stitch whatever I feel like at the moment! I don't rotate. :-) Your heritage sampler is gorgeous and so is your Alhambra. I'm tempted to pull out my Alhambra and get started on it soon.

Brenda Lou said...

I've never seen this pattern before. It's so pretty!! I don't like stitching on a "schedule". It makes me not want to stitch....LOL

Susan said...

I'm always about the screaming rotation!

Your Alhambra Sampler is lovely, and I'm impressed by your undertaking with the heritage sampler!

carlos sousa said...

beautiful work!