Thursday, November 20, 2008

Smart Kid!

I just finished meeting with Katie's Pre-K teacher for her first parent-teacher conference. Apparently despite some of the behavior issues we have at home, she is one of those kids who has perfect behavior at school. Always listens to directions, is kind to the other kids, knows all her letters, is above average for what she should know for this age. Miss Erin even said that if Kindergarten were starting tomorrow she is more than ready! I specifically asked because her birthday is May and we wondered about waiting another year. Alex had an August birthday and although we sent him the first year he was eligible, he really struggled that first year and we didn't want Katie to repeat that bad experience.

What really had me rolling was the picture journal the teacher showed me - Most pictures are of her and me or of strawberries - her favorite food. Miss Erin also told me that Katie tells her at least twice a day, "I'm never getting married - I'm gonna stay by my mom!" Smart kid - some days I think that is advice I should have taken!

Anyway, it was good to see her through someone else's eyes and to hear that she is attached to me and actually might like me a little bit. With the amount of general whining she does some days I was really, really beginning to wonder.


Susan said...

Ethan's birthday is May, and while he's not the head of the class, he's keeping up. He's also one of the politest kids in class.

It sounds like he and Katie have a lot in common; Ethan is definitely a mommy's boy :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny - I had basically the same experience with Nick's PT conference this week. He got all A's and one B+, which because of his issues, I didn't think was possible - he is so disorganized and seems less than interested in school. Apparently, he saves his worst behavior for home, which I suppose is a good thing, although some days I really really wonder too. :)

Melissa C. said...

That's awesome! I'm so happy for your good news!