Monday, November 17, 2008

Someone likes our house!

Everyone cross your fingers for us - we have at least one interested buyer, and perhaps two! Our realtor called Saturday and asked if another realtor could show the house on Sunday. We hesitated because we just had the drywall patched from the plumbing incident, and it hadn't been painted yet. She urged us to hurry up and get it painted so they could see it, so that is what we did. They probably smelled fresh paint, but otherwise the wall looked good as new when they were here.

Our realtor called today to say that the showing went really well, they liked our house best out of all they had seen and would have written an offer except that they first have to sell their condo on the other side of town first. Supposedly there is interest in the condo, but of course they need an offer first, like we need an offer before we can buy bigger.

I guess this really doesn't put us anywhere, except that it is really encouraging that someone besides us thinks this is a great house. I know condos can be tough to sell and there is no guarentee that it will sell - we'll just see what happens. I'm just glad to know that maybe, just maybe someone might think about buying this place!

Oh, and the "maybe two" - our buyer's agent has another client she thinks will be interested in our home - they will probably see the house sometime this week. So again nothing as great as an offer - but at least it is interest!

So again, cross your fingers - okay?


Missy Ann said...

Great news! When I saw your blog was updated I thought; I bet it's house news. Glad to see I was right.

Cat said...

That's wonderful! My fingers are crossed for you!

Erin said...

Excellent news! Fingers definitely crossed.

Susan said...

I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. It sounds encouraging! Keep us posted!

Jill in CA said...

Fingers crossed!!! Even though you don't have an offer yet, interest is a good sign!!

Melissa C. said...

WOO! I can't wait for the GTG in the new house!!